Implementing Internally

Implementing this program internally becomes wildly expensive.


We have watched others replicate our process and they were well over $125 per student. A breakdown of expenses are shown below. 

Program Elements


  • Book selection, curriculum (team ~100 hours @$30) =  $   3.00

  • 9 books at average retail of $8.00 each    =  $ 72.00

  • Warehousing, Processing, Database, Logistics* =  $ 10.00

  • Package, Shipping & Postage Avg. $2.00 / book =  $ 18.00

  • Posters, Wish Lists, Parent Guides, Sign-Up Prizes* =  $   5.00

  • Parent Support Hot-line all summer* =  $ 10.00

  • Completion Prizes & Certificates* =  $   5.00

  • Independent Data Analysis* = $   5.00


TOTAL*       = $128.00


*per student (For 1,000 students)

Win – Win – Win

For students

For districts

For communities

A small investment today that ensures long term rewards.

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Available funding services

To learn more about getting the services in your town

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State Funds

Title I Part A
Title I Part C
Title II Part B

Future Funds

Use next year’s money to get started in the spring


$2 Billion foundation supporting our efforts Deadline for entry extended to 6/25/17 First-come, first-served

Greater Horizons Grant

Greater Horizons provides grant competition services to individuals, families, and corporations making grants to the causes that are important to them.

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Affordable & Effective, Guaranteed

At roughly 3% of the cost of a typical summer program, Kids Read Now can serve thirty-three students for the same cost of one student at a summer school/camp. We guarantee that our program will deliver positive reading score gains in each district we serve, or we’ll refund part of the cost of the program.


Our turnkey program

$60 per student

KRN is a non-profit educational organization and a partner with the Ohio Education Service Center Association.