How It Works

How the Program Works

Choices, Challenges, and Rewards

Kids Read Now was founded in 2010 as a 501(c)(3) by serial entrepreneur Leib Lurie and his wife Barbara, a reading specialist and educator, after learning about the summer reading slide.



A complete turnkey program for $60 per student

You can serve thirty-three students for the same cost as just one student in a typical summer school program.

KRN costs 3% of what the cheapest summer school/camp costs


If our program does not reverse the summer slide for  your students, we will refund 1/3 of the cost to your school.

Parent Guide

Parent guides explain the Summer Slide and tips to keep your kids excited about reading.

Download Parent GuideDownload Parent Guide

Book Wish List

Kids are given a Wish List to choose which books they want to receive through the summer

Download Book Wish ListDownload Book Wish List

Discovery Sheets

Every book includes Discovery Sheets to encourage discussions about the book with your child.

Download Discovery SheetDownload Discovery Sheet

Program Preparation

Students with teacher, select 9 books they want to read

Parents provide summer contact info, and agree to help with summer reading

Families attend reading night and receive first 3 books

Summer Engagement

Students read a book and talk about it with parents

Parents engage – responding to texts/calls/email – what book was read

Read a book, get a book. All summer long

Fall and Spring Analysis

The Kids Read Now summer reading program is not only a fun challenge for your child, but also provides visible results in improving reading skills through an increase in reading scores. Through successfully completing the program, students can avoid the summer reading slide and build their reading skills in order to move forward from learning-to-read onto reading-to-learn.

See Our ResultsSee Our Results

Managed Logistics

We make it easy on your staff by managing program logistics.



  • Teachers help students select nine books from the Wish List
  • Building Coordinator confirms student enrollment info in the Kids Read Now portal
  • Principal hosts a Family Reading Night.
  • SIS Manager shares reading scores so we can prove the program worked in your district.

Our Team


  • Each school gets a free book pack with every title on our Wish List
  • We train school staff to execute a successful program from start to finish
  • We provide enrollment materials so sign-up is easy
  • We bundle all Family Reading Night materials for easy distribution
  • Every week, we contact your students to ask if they read a book and encourage them to keep reading!
  • We mail a new book each week to every student who reports reading a book
  • We offer multi-lingual support for parents, provided by real people
  • We provide educators and parents with real-time data in the Kids Read Now portal
  • Each student who reads all nine books gets an end-of-program prize
  • Independent data analysis shows whether Kids Read Now worked in your district.

Win – Win – Win

For students

For districts

For communities

A small investment today that ensures long term rewards.

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