By Lois Letchford

April 30, 2021

Poetry: My Story

In 1994, my 6-year-old son Nicholas failed first grade. Testing revealed he could read ten words, showed no strengths, and had a low IQ. The prognosis was dire, his future bleak. Finally, the diagnostician called him: “The worst child I’ve seen in twenty years of teaching.” I had the option to remove my son from […]

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By Ann (Ana) Morris

April 23, 2021

Include Me!

All children like to read things they can relate to or that make them feel good. And the best children’s stories I “read” were those on the laps of my parents. In order to write books for children of a different mold than our own, we need to know them. I grew up in a […]

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By Valarie Pearce, MEd

April 16, 2021

Reading Supports Social Emotional Learning

How reading helps children learn social emotional skills I am a lover of all things book and the written word. As a child, I was precocious and very curious. Thankfully, my father had a great passion for reading and ensured that I, along with my siblings, understood the importance of literacy and that it was […]

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By Stephanie Johnson

April 9, 2021

Using Children’s Literature and Stories to Change Culture in Your School or Classroom

Using children’s stories to bolster a sense of community connectedness and improve the culture at your school Imagine this… You are a classroom teacher or a counselor or a principal. You see and feel the culture of your learning community and note the need for a change. It is 2021 and people from all walks […]

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By Dr. Sharon Gaston

April 2, 2021

Why Teachers May Feel Anxiety Teaching Remotely or Hybrid During the Age of COVID-19

How technology and district pressure are ringing the anxiety bell for teachers COVID-19 has changed our education system in ways that very few people could have dreamed. Last spring, most schools in the United States closed their doors to thwart the spread of the deadly virus. This fall, some school systems opted for remote learning […]

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By Jennifer Henriquez

March 26, 2021

Educator Wellness

On the importance of self care in a difficult era 2020 has been an extremely challenging year for everyone in the world but especially for essential workers. Teachers and educators are definitely essential. This was clear when schools switched to remote learning and no one had a clue on how to service the children of […]

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By Rachel Benedict

March 19, 2021

Four Fun Ways to Incorporate Reading into Everyday Activities

Reading time can be fun time too! Learning to read opens different worlds to children – fantasy, mystery, funny, history – but it can also help them understand the things around them in everyday life that maybe they never thought to notice before. Here are four fun ways to incorporate reading into everyday activities! Cereal […]

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By Kristin Patrick

March 12, 2021

Keeping Reading Social While Social Distancing

Here are 3 easy ways to keep reading social while social distancing The cancellation of events has left everyone disappointed at points throughout the past year, and that list of most missed gatherings looks a little different for everyone. For me, it has been the cancellation of two fundraising luncheons that annually bring together authors […]

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By Anna Stumbras

March 5, 2021

The 3 Lessons First Year Teachers Learn Too Late

Nearly 50 percent of new teachers leave the profession within their first five years, according to the U.S. Department of Education. This is an alarming number! Many new teachers enter the profession with little support and even less knowledge about the workload being asked of educators. Here are 3 key lessons new teachers must learn […]

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By Casey Wente

February 26, 2021

Background is Everything

Although we don’t generally think about it, every experience we have adds to a repertoire of events that create “us” – our background. The stories we share with friends, the lessons we teach our kids, and the bank of knowledge we use to make decisions in the moment. Everything we encounter adds to this background, […]

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