Sign up your students for Book Bridge From Kids Read Now

Book Bridge sends new books to your K-3 reader each week. Each one includes a series of comprehension questions. Each child’s Book Bridge subscription is a six-book selection based on their grade level, plus a beautifully illustrated 7th book of writing prompts designed to inspire creative writing—all delivered to their homes!

The home library designed to fulfill kids’ dreams

They’ll get a variety of grade-level appropriate multi-cultural, bilingual fiction and non-fiction titles commonly found in K-3 classrooms. This includes MyStories, a special beautifully illustrated book of curious and funny scenes with space for children to expand their creative writing skills.

“Receiving the books in the mail was a highlight of our summer! We thoroughly enjoyed getting them from the mailbox then diving right into them. Thank you.”

Brighton Area Schools | 1st-Grade Parent 

Year-round gains are possible.

Keep kids reading at home with Book Bridge… from Kids Read Now!