Creative Fiction

Because of Winn Dixie ends on an uplifting note of bringing people together and a little girl finding her way in a new town. Write a continuation of the book--what happens when Opal goes to school in Naomi in the fall? Does she make new friends? Who does she tell her stories to? Does her mom come back to find her?

Other Kate DiCamillo Books

Kate DiCamillo is an established author living in Minneapolis. She has been writing since her first novel, Because of Winn Dixie, published in 2000. Listed are more of her titles.

Book Talk!

​Pretend you are Opal, and have just moved to a new town or state, where you don’t know anyone. How would you go about making friends? What ways can people make friends? Why is having friends important? What organizations can help children make friends safely?

Anxiety in Dogs

Winn Dixie was always howling and ripping apart the house when his owners would leave. This is called separation anxiety. Click HERE to read more about separation anxiety in dogs and what to do if your dog experiences this. Also if your dog or cat is showing signs of anxiety with thunder or fireworks, click HERE to learn how to manage this.