young girl emerging from beneath colorful books; kids' choices

The Empowerment of Student Choice

Empowering kids to make their own choices Being a kid can be rough sometimes. Sure, as adults we look back at all the snack times recesses and naptimes that we took for granted, but kids oftentimes don’t have much of a voice when it comes to...

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young mother reading a book to her daughters, encourage kids to read

How to Get Kids to Love Reading

How to encourage kids to learn to love reading now, for a lifetime's worth of benefits Learning to read is arguably one of the most fundamental lessons learned as a child. Helping your children to learn to love reading is one of the most valuable gifts...

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Frustrated young girl reading outside of her reading range

Finding the “Just Right” Reading Range

Finding your children’s perfect reading range may seem like a daunting task at first. On one hand you want to challenge them but on the other, you don’t want them to get discouraged. So how do you find that fine line where reading is both...

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Funding For Education. Cost Of College And Invest In School

Funding to Improve Reading

What are the priorities in your school district? Although sometimes we get lost in athletics and safety, especially during this unprecedented time with the COVID-19 pandemic, improving reading skills across the district is the most important priority for the success of all students. Often money...

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Title Funds: Smiling Pink Piggy Bank Wearing Graduated Hat On Wooden Table Wi

Title Funded Reading Programs

How are Title I funds spent in your school district? This is a question that should be revisited and examined each year. Often educators are overwhelmed with the many requirements of spending Title I funds and the never-ending sales pitches for programs that can best...

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What Type of Reader are You? – A Quiz

Do you think you know what kind of reader you are? We are certain your personality and reading style go hand in hand! This ten-question quiz will score your answer and name you a Weekend Warrior, An Intellectual, A Book Juggler, a Re-Reader, or a Series...

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opportunity gap

It is the Opportunity Gap, Not the Achievement Gap

We call it the "achievement gap" - but isn't it really an opportunity gap? A closer look at socioeconomic reading disparities — and how we can help your child to close the gap [caption id="attachment_4481" align="aligncenter" width="493"] A gap of .8 means a testing gap of 3 years[/caption] For...

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Reading Level Assessments Explained

If you have a young reader in your house, you may have heard different terms like Lexile, Developmental Reading Assessment, Accelerated Reader, and others. These terms and more are used to determine the reading levels of books.   But what exactly do they mean? How do we...

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Why Our Kids Love Snail Mail

At a time when most of our communications are reliant on and provided by technology, we like to give Kids Read Now kids something different to look forward to – mail. Technology can provide us with a sense of instant gratification, so have we forgotten that...

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two kids reading; top 10 titles of 2020

Top 10 Titles of 2020

It has certainly been a rollercoaster of a summer and Kids Read Now students across the country are returning to school, either in classrooms or remotely. If there is one thing we know for sure about our students, it’s that they pick some pretty amazing...

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