Cute Little Children Reading Books On Floor In Library; social-emotional learning

Books and Social-Emotional Learning

Books have encouraged, taught, and provided new experiences to children for many years. Books play a significant role in a child's learning environment. As they develop, they are introduced to many genres that encourage learning, resolving conflict, embracing imagination, and discovering new ideas. Parents may not realize...

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Kid reading book while leaning on retro TV. Technology, screen time

The Technology Boom – Is Reading the Victim?

Exciting innovations in technology have wildly evolved over the last decade. You can hold the universe in the palm of your hand, view high-definition videos with lightning speed, and connect with people all over the world with a simple tap on a screen. Pretty cool,...

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Reading Bingo Game

Want a fun way to encourage your kids to read? Make it into a reading BINGO game! Summertime should be a fun experience in a child’s life, but with the world’s uncertainties and extended time away from the classroom, our kids are glued to screens more...

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Father Reading Bedtime Stories To Child. Dad Putting Son To Sleep

The Power of the 15-minute Bedtime Story

Bedtime routines are especially important for children. Regular schedules and rituals give our children the predictability they crave. When kids know what to expect, especially when it includes a bonding routine like reading, it can help eliminate nighttime distractions. Most doctors and sleep specialists will tell...

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girl spending free time alone, reading attentively in her own reading nook

How to Make a Special Reading Nook

Let children create their own personal reading nook to foster a life-long love of reading There is nothing better than seeing children’s imaginations come to life while they are reading! The benefits of reading at a young age are endless. For example, reading enhances vocabulary, reduces stress,...

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Happy Kids -boy And Girls- Read Books On Beach, Summer Reading On Vacation

Take a Book on Vacation

A vacation and a good book – name a more iconic duo! Books can go anywhere you go and can take you to more places than you could imagine! Reading is essential to us here at Kids Read Now. Reading awakens children’s minds, sparks creativity, and...

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