Only 38% of America reads proficiently.

Prevent the Summer Slide!

Prevent the Summer Reading Slide with Kids Read Now!


Literacy is in crisis mode in the United States. Kids Read Now works with school districts, students, and their families to improve literacy in grades K-3.

Higher literacy = increased graduation rates = higher employment.

Help us help the children in your state to brighter futures.







For more information on Kids Read Now’s program, please contact:

Glen Miller, Outreach Director

“The U.S. workforce, widely acknowledged to be the best educated in the world half a century ago, is now among the least well-educated in the world, according to recent studies. At this pace, we will struggle to compete economically against even developing nations, and our children will struggle to find jobs in the global economy.” 
No Time to Lose
    National Conference of State Legislatures, August 2016


“…our results indicate that the impact of KRN can more than eradicate the entire 2 months of summer learning loss experienced by low-income students.”

– Geoffrey D. Borman, Ph.D. Director
    Interdisciplinary Training Program in the Education Sciences,
    Wisconsin Center for Education Research (WCER)
    University of Wisconsin—Madison