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As a data-driven organization, one of our main goals is to figure out how well our program works. 


Each year, an independent third-party data firm analyzes the spring-to-fall reading scores for students who participated in Kids Read Now versus those who did not.  For the past two years, we have found that children who participate in the program achieve more than those who do not. The effects are cumulative; those who participate for multiple years do better than first-year students.  Below are the results from some of the districts we serve.

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CEO Gaurav Agrawal is an avid proponent of early literacy initiatives.

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Free and reduced Lunch, 7-9 Books


All, 1-3 Books


Free and reduced Lunch, 4-6 Books


All, 4-6 Books


Second year KRN Students

3rd Grade

1st Grade

All Grades

*Composite score gains, controlling for spring scores; statistically significant at 80% confidence level.

Students at Troy City Schools, a fourth-year district, have seen substantial positive results from participating in Kids Read Now.  In 2015, Troy third graders eligible for free/reduced lunch who read 7-9 books gained an incredible 44 points from spring to fall reading assessments versus those who read no books, while other cohorts gained between 14 and 19 points.  Second-year students, on average, gained nearly 7 points relative to first-year students.


7-9 Books


1-3 Books


0 Gains

4th Grade

1st – 2nd Grade

All Grades

*Controlled for spring scores; statistically significant at 89% confidence level.

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Parents LOVE Kids Read Now!

Educators LOVE Kids Read Now!

Nearly 90% of educators who have used the program would recommend the program to other school districts.

Students saw “significant and substantial improvements in reading scores, especially in high poverty populations”


Dr. Richard Stock, Executive Director

 Independent third-party data firm