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“It gives parents who usually don’t have the means to buy books a chance to give their children a chance to read.”
Black River Local School District
2nd Grade Parent
“Receiving the books in the mail was a highlight of our summer! We thoroughly enjoyed getting them from the mailbox then diving right into them. Thank you.”
Brighton Area Schools
1st Grade Parent
“My daughter is learning to read because of this program. It’s an excellent program!”
Carroll County Schools
Kindergarten Parent
“My six and eight-year-old boys were so excited to read new books and receiving them in the mail was like receiving a present. It made reading each night more enjoyable.”
Newton Community School District
Kindergarten Parent
“I think books are an integral part of learning, especially during the summer. Reading a book is less like “work” and more like a treat. It’s always fun for young ones to get something in the mail which makes them even more excited to read it.”
Troy City Schools
Kindergarten Parent
“Having students select books they are interested in and having them mailed to their homes has been a huge benefit for our students.”
Grand Ledge Public Schools
Literacy Specialist
“Families loved the engagement and excitement students felt over the summer months when a new book arrived. Educators loved the fact that we were getting books in our student’s hands over the summer months helping to decrease the summer slide.”
Holly Area Schools
Literacy Specialist
“The program is an excellent way to get grade/interest level material into student’s hands at home.”
Mineral County Schools
Title Teacher
“I loved to see how excited the students would get when they knew they could get new books. It was so rewarding to watch and be a part of.”
Pitt County Schools
Classroom Teacher
“The kids really enjoy getting the books over the summer. Some of them don’t have any books at home so it really makes a difference!”
River Valley School District
Classroom Teacher
“Getting books into the hands of children is so important.”
Trenton ISD
Curriculum Director
“The kids love getting the books throughout the summer and come in the following school year talking about all the awesome books that they got. I can tell it definitely encourages the kids to read.”
Troy City Schools
Classroom Teacher

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