Team Members

We work hard every day to give our customers the best programs to keep kids growing during the summer to keep them from falling victim to the summer slide.

Executive Team


  • Leib Lurie
  • Barb Lurie
  • Randy Weddle
    Chief Operations Officer

Outreach Team


  • Glen Miller
    National Outreach Director
  • Steve Marcinak
    Regional Outreach Director (Kentucky)
  • Susan Holland
    Regional Outreach Director (Eastern Michigan)
  • Casey Wente
    Outreach Support Specialist

HR  & Marketing Team


  • Joy Magnuson
    Director of Human Resources
  • Christina Brownlee
    Director of Marketing

Logistics Team


  • Bonnie Lurie
    Procurement & Inventory Manager

Financial Team


  • Alicia Hatcher

Client Success Team


  • Emily Randall
    Client Success Manager
  • Laura Bemus
    Title I Funding Specialist

Tech Team


  • Joshua Handwerker
    Project Manager
  • Kristen Velker
    Software Developer
  • Randall Harbour
    Data Analyst

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