The Books

Book Wish List


Kids Read Now will provide Wish Lists for to students to select nine preferred books to receive throughout the summer program. If an enrolled student does not submit a completed wish list, Kids Read Now will choose nine grade-appropriate books on the student’s behalf.


In addition to allowing the student to choose their books, the Wish List features an enrollment form to collect updated contact information, specify preferred communication channels, and authorize a release of spring/fall reading scores and demographic data to evaluate program effectiveness.


Our Wish List is designed to make selecting appropriate books easy. Books are listed using a color-coded AR score to assist teachers in identifying books within each students reading level.

Sample Books

Each participating school will receive one copy of each book on the Wish List to generate excitement and program awareness and to help teachers assist students with book selection. These books are to be used at the discretion of the Customer.

Up to 9 books per student


In the spring, KRN will ship three books per student to each school Date to be distributed at a Family Reading Night and KRN will mail one additional book to each student’s home in the middle of the summer.


KRN will mail the remaining five books that each student chose from the Wish List to the student’s home throughout the summer, contingent upon timely book-reporting.

The Choice is yours

Better readers are the catalyst to engaged learners.

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