Far too many K-3 students fail to meet reading proficiency standards due to the summer reading slide. Existing summer reading programs can’t reach most students because:

  • Price: They are too expensive to offer to every child.

  • Serves few: Programs are designed specifically for the lowest-achieving students and do not reach out to every child.

  • Obstacles to success: They require transportation, staff, buildings, food, supplies, utilities, etc.

The Solution

Kids Read Now is a K-3 Read-A-Book, Get-A-Book, In-Home Summer Reading Program that offers:

  • Affordability: KRN costs $60 per student; average summer school/camp costs $1,500-$3,500.

  • Universal: Every child is encouraged to participate and challenged in KRN regardless of academic standing.

  • Overcoming barriers: Minimal effort for educators and parents to help their students succeed. Program operates online and books are mailed to the home for ease and convenience.

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Learn more about how the program works to overcome traditional obstacles of summer reading programs and how Kids Read Now can help your child excel!

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How It Works

Program Preparation

Summer Engagement

Affordable and Effective, Guaranteed.

A complete turnkey program for $60 per student

You can serve 33 students for the same cost as just one student in a typical summer school program.

KRN costs 3% of what the cheapest summer school/camp costs

The Data Says Everything

Kids who are not reading at grade level by fourth grade are four times more likely to drop out of high school, only one in 25 will graduate from college, and one in ten will end up in jail.

Well-off students get ahead and keep moving up!

Disadvantaged students fall behind each summer and get dragged further down each year. Most are a full year behind in reading by the time they reach 4th grade.

Our Data Is Clear

Kids Read now has helped many Ohio children to read better, do better on tests, and have a better relationship with school and learning.

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Access & Availability of Summer Programs

“The data tells a consistent story: children who might benefit the most are least likely to participate in summer programs”

-The Wallace Foundation

Most students do not participate in summer programs because:

  • They are expensive, at a typical cost of $1,500-$3,500 per student.
  • They require resources like staff, buildings, transportation, utilities, and  supplies that are unavailable.
  • They are specifically designed to serve only a small subset of the worst-performing students.


Our research-based program combines technology, parent engagement, student choice and school partnerships to help kids succeed as readers. We promise statistically significant improvements in kids reading scores with minimal time and cost commitment.

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When parents read to and with their children, their students' reading skills improve. Kids Read Now encourages parents to stay engaged in their child's summer reading, and provides tips and tools to help them boost their child's reading abilities. Contact your school board to encourage them to get involved!

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Research shows that district-level programming choices can account for up to 2/3 of student reading gains or losses. Kids Read Now is guaranteed to raise your students' reading scores at a lower price than any other summer reading program.

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It’s guaranteed! If Kids Read Now does not raise reading scores in your district, we'll refund part of the program! Sign up for Kids Read Now to start your child’s or student’s journey to better grades and a lifelong love of learning.

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