The safety and well-being of our employees, students, families, vendors, and guests is paramount to us. All of us at Kids Read Now are practicing frequent sanitation and disinfecting, regular handwashing, social distancing, and remote working for office employees. All employees and guests in our distribution facility are required to wear face masks in compliance with the Responsible Restart Ohio plan. Stay safe, stay well.

Eliminate the summer reading slide


Kids Read Now WORKS!

Our in-home K-3 summer reading program is eliminating the summer reading slide for hundreds of schools from coast to coast—for a small fraction of the cost of summer school per student. Our “circles of engagement” provide the roadmap to a successful program in YOUR district. Independent research confirmed,

…Kids Read Now can more than eradicate the entire 2 months of summer learning loss experienced by low-income students.”
– Geoffrey D. Borman, Ph.D.

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Our successful summer reading program
is driven by engagement at every level.

See how Kids Read Now’s approach achieves
simplicity in execution AND exceptional results.

What Is Engagement?What Is Engagement?

It Works

We’ve spent years fine-tuning our program… always looking for the best new books and developing new tools to benefit not only the kids, but those who are tasked with leading them into literacy.

It’s this continuous improvement that allows us the privilege of almost 90% renewals with our districts. They see their numbers improve and their students develop a love of books.

Diverse Group Of Kids Reading Books; importance of inclusion

Ready To Get Started?


Kids Read Now is proven to effectively reverse the summer reading slide and start students on a journey to better grades and a lifelong love of reading.

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Program Preparation

Students with teacher, select 9 books they want to read

Parents provide summer contact info, and agree to help with summer reading

Families attend reading night and receive first 3 books

Summer Engagement

Students read a book and talk about it with parents

Parents engage – responding to texts/calls/email – what book was read

Read a book, get a book. All summer long

Why does childhood literacy matter?


Kids Read Now, in collaboration with many authors has created a book to explain the importance of childhood literacy. Click the link below to request your copy today, and if you are an educator, you get a free copy.

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