Dancing in the Wings

Dancing in the Wings

Sassy has a dream of becoming a ballerina. What do you dream of becoming one day? Discuss this with an adult.

By: Debbie Allen

Discovery Questions

After your child receives and reads this book, Discuss one or more of the following questions to help him/her make connections and build comprehension.

  • Sassy has a dream of becoming a ballerina. What do you dream of becoming one day? Discuss this with a parent.
  • Sassy feels different from the other girls in her dancing class. Think of another story where someone feels badly about the way they look. Use a Venn diagram. How is that character like Sassy? How are they different? Share your diagram with a parent.
  • Mona and Molly make fun of Sassy's height. They try to make Sassy feel badly about herself. Why do they do that? Discuss this with a parent.
  • Pick out your favorite song. Invent a dance to go with it. Make sure your dance tells a story. Perform it for your family and friends.

Book Details

Grade Level:
3rd Grade
Student Favorite
Part of a Series
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