Stone Fox

Stone Fox

Little Willie and his grandfather live on a farm. Grandfather owes back taxes, and becomes ill. Willie is determined to save the farm. Can Willie and his dog, Searchlight, do it?

By: John Reynolds Gardiner

Discovery Questions

After your child receives and reads this book, Discuss one or more of the following questions to help him/her make connections and build comprehension.

  • Little Willie wanted to win the race. He practiced running the course every day to improve his chances of winning. What did you want to learn to do better? How did practice help you improve? Write about it. Share your story with a parent.
  • Grandfather is sad. Think of another story. What character in that story is also sad? Use a Venn diagram. How are they like Grandfather? How are they different? Share your diagram with a parent.
  • Stone Fox also wants to win the race. He will use the money to buy land for his people to live on. Who deserves to win more? Little Willy? Or Stone Fox? Why? Discuss this with a parent or adult friend.
  • This story is about Grandfather, little Willie, and Searchlight. Why did the author name the book after the Indian? Discuss this with a parent.

Book Details

Grade Level:
4th Grade
Student Favorite
Part of a Series
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