Reading books is fun! You can explore new places, people and problems.  But why stop at the end of the book?

This summer, we are introducing DISCOVER MORE. You snapped a picture of the QR code on the Discovery Sheet, and it brought you here!

We’ve taken some of our best loved books and built a special web page for each one to let you dig deeper, see new things, explore other books, play games, and more. It is easy to see on a smart phone, tablet or laptop.   We don’t have DISCOVER MORE pages for every book yet, so your book may not be on the list. 

Just pick a book title and get started!

There are no grades here- it’s just stuff to do for fun! So DISCOVER MORE!

Explore activities for your child's book. with copy below that saying the following: Continue the learning journey with more great content.

Select Your Book Below

Parents and teachers:

Kids Read Now has always put a “Discovery Sheet” sticker inside the front cover of each book we mail home.

These Discovery Sheets have four activities to be done either alone or with a parent or friend to think more about the book you are reading, and how it fits with other books, other places or other ideas you have about the story, characters, or topic. There is also an activity for your imagination and creativity.

These four activities, designed by parents and teachers, help students build on what they have read and build reading skills and comprehension.

Now, with DISCOVER MORE, we have added ways to get more stories:  to explore those topics and situations more fully. 

Together, the Discovery Sheet and DISCOVER MORE links help kids learn more about what they are interested in – keeping them busy all summer! 

Each book title has its own content to engage your child's learning.

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