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Nearly 90% of educators who have used the program would recommend the program to other school districts.

How We Help: Learning Loss Prevention

Retaining literacy gains and building home libraries for K-3 students is our mission.
Evidence abounds indicating that kids who are not proficient readers by fourth grade may never catch up to their peers. Reading is a skill developed through practice.
That is where we help. We keep them reading outside the classroom.

Kids Choose: When they pick them, they read them.

Kids select the books they will receive from our annual Wish List. Wish list books are chosen by our literacy advisory board and organized by reading level. (F&P, AR, and/or Lexile).
Since teachers know best, we encourage them to assist their students in selecting “just right” books to read and keep.

They Get Mail

After students select their books for the summer program, we’ll mail them all season long. Books are addressed to the student and contain a Discovery Sheet with four reading comprehension activities and a space for the reader to put his/her name.
We also offer year-round programs.
To create a custom solution for your school, CLICK HERE.

Parental Engagement

Nothing is more powerful than a parent leaning into their child’s learning, so we make it easy. Our app has all of the discovery sheet activities translated into over 150 languages. Our comprehensive program includes outreach to parents weekly via phone, text, or email with helpful hints and encourages them to report a book that has been read. THE BEST PART? We track all of the reading and reporting data.

Transform Your Summer
Reading Program

Kids Read Now keeps your students passionate and engaged
through the summer months.

Parents LOVE
Kids Read Now!

Request more information about how book choice
can influence a child’s interest in reading.

Educator’s Most Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a sole source document download?

How will my students know to report their books?

Each KRN book comes with a unique book code located on the front, inside cover of every book we send. We have several different ways for families to easily report their books. Here’s how: You may also help students report their books by logging into your KRN account, searching for a student, and selecting "Report Books".

How can I track my district’s progress over summer?

Any educator can track their students’ progress online using the Kids Read Now Portal. You can log into the portal, click “Analytics”, and pull a list for students in your classroom, building, or school district (depending on your role). An informational video is available on the KRN Training Site and will also be supplied by your Account Manager.

When will my students get their books?

Your students will receive their first book at the Family Reading Event in the spring. Their remaining books will arrive automatically to their mailbox. We typically mail one book each week. Books may take 10-15 business days to arrive (2-3 weeks).

What is a Family Reading Event?

The Family Reading Event is a fun and exciting event that your school can put together to help inform your parents what the Kids Read Now program is. Most school pair the Family Reading Event with a spring assembly, ice cream social, or other community event for the school. It instructs your parents on how Kids Read Now works, what to expect, and how to report the student's books. This event typically happens in the spring, shortly before the end of the school year. This is where your students would receive their first book and their parents would receive a Parent Guide giving them more information about Kids Read Now.

How will my students enroll in the program?

Students are enrolled in the program through a CSV file. Typically, your data manager will complete this task. We reach out to and work with your data manager to get a CSV file of the student names, their grade, teacher's name, parent's name, contact info, and address. From here, all the students on this will be enrolled in the program. If you have additional students that need to be added after the file is complete, contact your account manager, and we can add them for you.

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