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Kids Read Now collects, analyzes, and shares data at each stage of the program so parents and educators can see how their students are progressing.

Most districts struggle with helping their students meet third-grade reading benchmarks. Educators have told us that they feel they have been put under tremendous stress focusing all efforts on passing tests instead of doing what they love: educating students to reach their full potential.

We provide enrollment, participation, and satisfaction statistics in a real-time data portal that every parent and educator can access. In the fall, we analyze our students’ reading scores to see if they did better than non-participants. Years worth of data analysis shows that Kids Read Now works!

The Borman Study

Kids Read Now recently participated in a research study on the efficacy of our program. The findings were shocking.

“…our results indicate that the impact of KRN can more than eradicate the entire 2 months of summer learning loss experienced by low-income students.”

Foundation Professor of Quantitative Methods and Education Policy Arizona State University, Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College

The Data Portal

Rarely do schools crunch the numbers on summer intervention to gauge it’s effectiveness overall. That requires data.

We provide a portal with downloadable data allowing you to take a close look at performance related to participation.

Review Real Time Data Tracking

The mailbox is just the beginning…

Satisfaction Surveys

Each year we poll parents, teachers, and administrators asking them to evaluate their Kids Read Now experience. We continually adjust our offering based on their comments. 

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