How It Works

“If you are going to get anywhere in life you have to read a lot of
books.” – Roald Dahl

The short story

“Books mailed. Kids read. Happiness ensues.”

The details: breaking through obstacles to reading

Simple yet comprehensive. Our process uniquely breaks through the obstacles of access and opportunity, encouragement, and comprehension.

With access to a variety of authors and titles, every student will find books that pique their interest at their reading level.

Finding an opportunity to read is unblocked with on-level and engaging books delivered to their door.

Finally, encouragement to read and to engage in comprehension and content connections is baked into our unique, methodical approach.

To sum it up, each of our three programs (Summer, Fall, Winter) follows a streamlined process that has been honed and optimized to deliver an effective and enjoyable experience for students, families, and school staff.

We love simple processes that work.


So, to start, we just send you information about the students we want enrolled in the program?


That’s right. We then provide our catalog of 150+ book titles to choose from, organized by reading level.


And then our teachers can help the kids pick out the books they want to read that are within their reading level…


Exactly. We also provide materials and directions for an optional Family Reading Event to familirize parents and students with the program and give it a strong kick-off. We’ve found these events really improve participation and excitement around books at home.


Okay, so then what?


A couple of weeks after your students have selected their books, we begin mailing them to their homes, one book every 7 to 10 days.


That sounds easy. What else do I need to do?


We take it from there! If you want to, you can log in to our data portal to check on your students’ progress.


Anything else I need to know?


It’s not just about reading. On the inside cover of every book, you’ll find four reading activities crafted by literacy experts designed to improve parent engagement and comprehension, building content connections.

Get the Kids Read Now Wish List!

Every year our book selection committee painstakingly reviews hundreds of book titles to ensure we have an excellent mix to delight your students. Grade-level groupings are easily found by their color and shape coding, and where available, each title has Lexile, F&P, or AR rankings.

Book Catalog Grade Level Coding - Kids Read Now
Book Catalog Genre Coding - Kids Read Now
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