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A mother and daughter under a makeshift fort in their living room reading a book by the fire.

How to Make a Special Reading Nook

Let children create their own personal reading nook to foster a life-long love of reading

There is nothing better than seeing children’s imaginations come to life while they are reading!

The benefits of reading at a young age are endless. For example, reading enhances vocabulary, reduces stress, empowers empathy, and develops creativity and imagination.

By letting your children create their own special reading nook, you are empowering them to foster a love of reading. With a reading nook, you and your children can create a spot specifically for reading, where their imaginations can flow, and they can enjoy their own space and quiet time.

The reading nook can be as simple or intricate as they choose, but there are a few essential qualities to consider when creating the perfect space.

Quiet and Well-Lit

  • Reading time should be quiet and distraction-free. Choose a space in your home away from high-traffic areas but with great natural light or light that is easy on the eyes.
  • A corner in a playroom, bedroom, den, or office is an excellent location for a reading nook. Small lamps, nightlights, or twinkle lights can help with lighting in closed spaces.
  • A special reading nook can also be outside! A hammock, a special chair on the porch, or underneath a tree are perfect places to let your child’s reading imagination run wild.
  • Make this spot technology-free, too. Avoid having electronic tablets or chargers nearby for irresistible temptations.


  • This reading nook should be well-stocked with books and learning tools for your child!
  • Have a plentiful selection of different types of book to spark further curiosity.
  • Encourage comprehension by keeping a dictionary handy for easy access. This will encourage your child to look up words they do not understand and learn more about what they are reading.

A Reflection of Them

  • Since we want children to enjoy this space, the reading nook should include a few of their favorite things.
  • Make the area cozy with pillows and blankets. They can even practice reading aloud to stuffed animals, pets, siblings, and family members. Plush bean bags are a great way to add seating to the area and add an element of coziness.
  • Allow them to decorate their area with posters or different accessories to personalize their space, so they feel as if they own this area.

By creating a cozy little spot that is all their own, you have given your kids the perfect opportunity to fall in love with books. They will be lost in their imaginations and reading cover to cover in no time!

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