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If Evidence Doesn’t Matter, Don’t Read This.

Need to improve proficiency scores? Move forward by not going backward. Losing reading skill is perennial, impacts all students (especially economically disadvantaged kids,) and IS AVOIDABLE. Two research studies (University of Wisconsin and Arizona State University) indicate the Kids Read Now program has shown to eliminate summer reading slide. The evidence is clear.  There are four key components that must be included.

Kids Read Now is a research based non-profit organization focused on closing the achievement gap through literacy among Pk-5 students. Their work was recently recognized by Johns Hopkins University Best Evidence in Brief as a “promising approach for schools looking to engage kids over the summer months.”  Schools typically address this issue through in-person intervention which can cost between $1500-$3000 per student and is narrow in scope. Furthermore, districts are task teachers with summer responsibilities at a time when they need to refuel personally and professionally for the upcoming school year. Is it time to partner with a nonprofit?

Kids Read Now partners with school districts to not only relieve the pressure of learning loss but also lighten the load for teachers and administrators during those key summer months. For more information on partnership opportunities for the 2022-23 school year visit www.kidsreadnow.org or arrange a short demo on the four key components to the Kids Read Now program.

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