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KRN Partners with UD for K-I-D-S!

We have all heard the many issues with labor shortage affecting many aspects of our lives this year. Kids Read Now found a unique way to get more books mailed, with fewer staff hours in our fulfillment operations this summer. 

Keane Manufacturing and The Greater Horizons Fund of Kansas City stepped up with prize money to sponsor a design contest. 

Working with the University of Dayton’s Engineering dept, we invited student teams to design and build a faster, better way for us to bundle and mail 15,000 books every day to help 100,000 kids improve literacy over the summer.

A panel of judges narrowed down the proposals, then the final five built working prototypes. Teams were judged on sophistication, costs, speed, scalability and more. The “Flying Minions” used affordable 3D printing technology and superior ergonomic design to reduce repetitive motion strain and significantly speed up the process required to bundle books for mailing. 

Thanks to these cash donations and the in-kind donation of University staff and resources, KRN reduced labor hours needed and increased productivity and output. 

All to get more books to more kids in need, for less.

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