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New Facility to Kick Off 10 Years!

Kids Read Now’s long term growth trend is over 30% a year and will ship nearly 1 million books this summer alone!

To position ourselves for our continued growth we needed more storage and fulfillment operations space. This need became apparent in 2021, and in November we signed a new lease.

The move made sense and was easy to accomplish as we only moved up the street from 155 Marybill Drive to 55 Marybill Drive in Troy, Ohio. The new facility nearly doubles Kids Read Now’s warehouse size from 14,000 square feet to 27,500 square feet. As part of our move and new lease agreement, we will have access to an additional 50,000 square feet within a mile of our new location.

This new fulfillment center allows us to pick, pack, and mail 25,000 books a DAY while storing over 500,000 books at any given time. The new warehouse also provides much needed, better lighting and floor space to process all our books.

There are many more employee amenities, including better parking, a nice break room, improved restrooms, and a state-of-the-art sound system.

As with many companies, the pandemic also changed our need for office space. Our support and admin teams were set up and provided with everything they needed for a home office during the pandemic. We never returned to being an office-centric company… eventually formalizing a permanent remote workforce for all office employees. This has allowed us to recruit terrific people from outside the area, hiring folks from Atlanta and Kansas City, while saving money on space.

Our new facility reduced our office space by 66%, but for those who may need to come in from time to time, we have four shared workspaces and a conference room.

We are extremely excited about our new home and with proper planning will be able to handle all students in any of our Kids Read Now programs for the next two years. Did I say two years? As our business continues to grow so rapidly, we are already looking at what our facility needs will be in 2025.

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