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Little girl in striped shirt with blackboard. Text BINGO! (for reading bingo)

Reading Bingo Game

Want a fun way to encourage your kids to read? Make it into a reading BINGO game!

Summertime should be a fun experience in a child’s life, but with the world’s uncertainties and extended time away from the classroom, our kids are glued to screens more and books less. As a result, experts are concerned that children will fall behind even more so than usual.

So, how can we keep kids motivated to read more?

At Kids Read Now, we put our heads together to come up with an exciting way to engage students and motivate them to pick up a book… Reading Bingo!

Reading Bingo is just like the classic bingo game, except that it encourages kids to try different and fun reading challenges. With the goal of completing the bingo card, kids will be eager to push through the various options. They might even find new books they enjoy!

Reading Bingo Printable

Kids don’t have to view reading as a school-time obligation. Reading is an imaginative adventure! By providing choices to a child with specific reading goals, we can help empower them to make fun and creative reading choices.

Here’s how the bingo card works:

  • Each box on the card has a different reading challenge. They include teaching moments, genres, emotional tools, and more! These different options encourage kids to explore new books and ways to read them.
  • You select the time frame. Depending on how advanced your child’s reading level is, you may choose to challenge them to longer chapter books over several weeks or keep it short and sweet for a boost in self-esteem.
  • Your child works toward completing one row at a time. After each “bingo,” the child gets a small reward.

Ideas for Reading Rewards

Kids get super excited when they have something to work toward with a prize at the finish line.

When your child has completed a bingo, make sure to reward them for their hard work! Rewards aren’t bribes, and they don’t have to be big-ticket items, but an opportunity for kids to reap the benefits of working toward a goal.

Here are some reward ideas:

  • Ice cream date with mom and dad
  • Choosing the dinner menu or restaurant
  • A new book off of their wish list
  • A day date with mom and dad
  • A challenging puzzle, LEGO set, or game

Trying new things can be hard for kids, but with a little encouragement of a grand prize and the time you spend together while they’re working towards their bingo goal, you will have a bookworm on your hands in no time!

At Kids Read Now, we know our students like to have fun while learning, and it’s up to us to make that possible. Motivation is key, especially when regular school schedules have been disrupted.

A new incentive like the Reading Bingo game might be the answer to keeping your child on track this summer.

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