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Study Finds Significant Summer Reading Improvements for K-5 Students through a Summer Reading Program

A groundbreaking large-scale study over 3 years and 7,000 students found that an average of 2-4 months of learning growth was gained through reading intervention provided by the Kids Read Now (“KRN”) summer reading program.

The study revealed:

  • An 11.4 percentile point growth in reading scores of high-poverty students.
  • An average of 7 percentile points across the overall study.

    The KRN program mailed self-selected books home coupled with hi-dosage parent engagement, according to the best practices proven by Science of Reading methodologies. The study further highlighted the cost-efficiency and broader reach of KRN’s summer reading program, which serves every student in grades K-5 at a cost of less than $55 per child. These results correlate to a previous study by Geoffrey Borman which showed that the KRN program was 98% as effective as traditional summer school at 3% of the cost.

    These results show that pandemic reading losses are recoverable affordably and at scale by KRNs summer reading intervention program.

    Read the full report here.

    The study was facilitated by the CML Insight platform, a state-of-the-art Causal AI tool, which has shown immense potential in performing retrospective studies to measure and identify effective educational interventions.

    About Kids Read Now:
    Kids Read Now is a nonprofit with a singular mission: to accelerate reading gains for K-5 students. Kids Read Now has partnered with school districts in 40 states to implement and manage summer and year-round reading programs that incorporate student choice and parental involvement, which has been shown to improve reading skills significantly.

    About CML Insight:
    CML Insight (Causal Machine Learning) is pioneering causal analytics for education and multiple industries by identifying cause and effect and measuring the impact of interventions. A SaaS application platform that goes beyond predictions and quickly provides transparent causal insights to suggest specific actions to improve organizational outcomes and KPIs directly.

    This press release was first published on February 21, 2024 – Dayton, OH, Feb. 21, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE)

    This press release aims to disseminate critical information on the educational advancements made possible through the collaborative efforts of Kids Read Now and CML Insight. For further details, please contact the representatives listed above.

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