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We Are More Than This


We sometimes want to give up, feeling like the world isn\’t fair and there\’s nothing we can do about it. With the pandemic not only continuing but worsening, wildfires and tornadoes damaging communities in winter, political tensions rising, and our own personal struggles going on, it\’s no wonder life can get us down.


We are, however, so much bigger than our circumstances.


In this video we offer a perspective of hope, of optimism in the midst of such trying times. We hope it brings you some joy and a new way of looking at the world.


Do you find yourself asking how to handle the world right now, or how to make sense of everything going on? That\’s so normal.


Let us know what you think, truly, we\’d love to know.


We would love for you to share this with any friends, family, or colleagues you know going through a tough time or that you think this would of help to.

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