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What Type of Reader are You? – A Quiz


Do you think you know what kind of reader you are? We are certain your personality and reading style go hand in hand!

This ten-question quiz will score your answer and name you a Weekend Warrior, An Intellectual, A Book Juggler, a Re-Reader, or a Series Lover.

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1. You have an hour to spend at the bookstore, where do you start?

a. Adventure
b. History
c. Browse all of the genres
d. In the middle of all my favorites

2. Choose the word that best connects to you or describes you the best.

a. Fast
b. Curious, always learning
c. Energetic
d. Detail-oriented

3. You have to read one book from cover to cover, today. Which will it be?

a. A fun, uplifting title
b. Tale of Two Cities
c. I have to choose one?
d. A classic I’ve read at least 10 times

4. What’s your favorite kind of book?

a. A quick and easy title
b. One that’s entertaining and enlightening
c. One that keeps me sucked in
d. An easy one to read over and over again

5. Which would you like to do at recess?

a. Get ahead on reading my new book
b. Dive into learning something new from a challenging title
c. Run around to burn off all of the extra energy
d. Discuss what I’ve discovered in my most recent book re-read

6. What do you look for when choosing a book?

a. A page-turner that keeps me interested
b. A challenge and something to learn from
c. A book that keeps my attention
d. One that begs to take me back again and again

7. How many classics have you read?

a. All of them – usually in one sitting
b. Too many to count
c. I’m in between many
d. Many of them are still on repeat

8. What is your favorite way to read a book?

a. Old-fashioned book
b. Audiobook
c. E-reader, so I can take all the books wherever I go
d. All of the above

9. Your favorite author comes out with a new book, you:

a. Run to the bookstore and never put the book down until you are done
b. Brew a cup of tea and dive in
c. I don’t have a favorite author. I love all of them!
d. Race to the bookstore

10. What’s your bookmark of choice?

a. What bookmark? I never put a book down long enough to mark a page.
b. An old tattered bookmark that’s seen as many books as you!
c. I have many
d. Anything from my favorite series


A Weekend Warrior

If you answered mostly “A”, you are a Weekend Warrior! Those big chapter books are no match for your weekend binge sesh. You enjoy diving in and not coming up for air until the very last word! Extra challenging chapter books are your jam!

An Intellectual

If you answered mostly “B”, you are an Intellectual Reader! You enjoy pushing yourself to learn about literature, history, poetry, science, and more. You stretch your imagination and reading comprehension skills and can’t wait to share what you’ve learned with your fellow intellectuals.

A Book Juggler

If you answered mostly “C”, you are a Book Juggler! There are stacks of books on your nightstand ranging across all different genres – everything from adventures to history. You never can make up your mind about which to pick up or put down, so you taste test all of them!

A Series Lover

If you answered mostly “D”, you are a Series Lover! The continuation of stories keeps you sucked in and dying for more. The only thing you don’t like about books is having to wait for the next book in the series to be released!

A Re-Reader

If you answered a mix of all choices, you are a Re-Reader. You love all kinds of books and keep them on a steady rotation. You find books relatable and comfortable, and some of your best friends reside in the book universe!

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