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Why Our Kids Love Snail Mail

At a time when most of our communications are reliant on and provided by technology, we like to give Kids Read Now kids something different to look forward to – mail.

Technology can provide us with a sense of instant gratification, so have we forgotten that the anticipation can be fun as well? Sometimes jokingly referred to as “snail mail”, receiving mail is one of the greatest surprises, especially for kids. Since all our books are delivered via the United States Postal Service, we like to think we add an element of surprise to kids’ lives, especially when they know a brand new book is on the way!

5 Reasons a KRN Book Delivery is the Best Snail Mail

1. It’s personal. Kids love knowing something is coming just for them. As a personal and authentic touch, all KRN books are addressed with the student’s name which makes kids feel important and encourages ownership at a young age.

2. They wait for it. Especially now, with a limited amount of outside entertainment, our students wait with tremendous anticipation to receive their next set of books.

3. It’s a learning experience. Kids select the books they’d like to receive and have so much fun getting them in the mail, they may not realize they are learning and enhancing critical and creative thinking skills.

4. They can travel anywhere. These books let them sail the oceans, hike across the country, discover new friendships, and open their imaginations. KRN books are the perfect way to travel to another place, even if you have to stay where you are!

5. It’s safe and convenient. There’s no need for parents to schedule specific time to visit a bookstore or library. All KRN book deliveries are contact-less and delivered by the postal service, so you never have to leave your home!

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