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PK-5 girls summer reading in summer 2024 - Kids Read Now

Kids Read Now Heats up the 2024 Summer Reading Program with Data-Driven Optimizations

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Updates for summer 2024 mean greater reading gains and more motivation

For summer 2024, Kids Read Now is ramping up efforts to revolutionize literacy for PK-5 students. Just like our educators, we continually analyze evidence to inform and optimize the Kids Read Now program.

We’re all about using current research, like the Science of Reading, to make a real impact.

In fact, Kids Read Now’s program is a proven cost-effective way to protect current PK-5 reading gains while increasing future readiness.

Check out the 8 studies validating the efficacy of the Kids Read Now program.

Our approach is simple yet effective: we send kids a new book in the mail every 8-10 days, along with weekly coaching for parents tailored to each title. They’re encouraged to track their progress through our app or by texting us, building confidence in students and providing critical feedback to us for decision-making.

It’s a no-nonsense way to target reading comprehension and ensure every child has access to quality books year-round — and it just keeps getting better!

Here’s what’s new and improved in 2024…

Bigger, better books to engage students with more summer reading choices

  • We added 73 books to our Wish List of almost 200 titles. There’s something for all reading abilities and interests. Student choice is at the center of everything we do, and that’s no different for summer 2024.
  • Our bilingual book collection gained 24 new titles. This includes “Read To Me” books that have both advanced content stories for parents to read, and kindergarten/1st grade vocabulary on the page for the child to read — in both English and Spanish.
  • New MyStories creative writing book theme of “Space and Creatures” — now printed in a larger, heavier format.
Summer 2024 MyStories - Kids Read Now

71% of our 3rd- 5th graders’ reading levels increased with Kids Read Now!

At Gregg School, where we have participated for three years, we were pleasantly surprised to discover that 71% of our students grew one or more reading levels from June to September, and 26% remained the same. This is an incredible accomplishment…

“…and we attribute the fact that 97% of our returning 3rd-5th grade readers maintained or grew their skills over the summer break to their participation in the Kids Read Now program!!”

Ann Collins, Principal, Hugh Gregg Elementary - Accelerate Reading - Kids Read Now

More motivation for independent practice this summer

  • Hallway posters for school buildings in spring and fall generate a sense of anticipation and excitement about upcoming summer reading.
  • Each child will receive a wrist band when they select their books, building self-efficacy from the very start.
Summer 2024 Silicone Superstar Bracelet - Kids Read Now
  • Prizes for reading all eight books — a tangible way to celebrate and remember their successes. A personalized certificate and truly everyone adores our Reading Buddy…
Summer 2024 Reading Buddy - Kids Read Now

Improvements to administration and logistics to ensure full value

  • Better, more advanced home address and postal verification improve deliverability beginning summer 2024. We get the right books to the right kids faster than ever.
  • Books are forwarded whenever possible. If a home address is undeliverable, those books will be shipped to the school to give to the student. This way, every school and family gets the full value of the Kids Read Now program.

Unlock Literacy Progress with Home Reading Success

See how we get parents to engage in their child’s reading practice at home. Explore our innovative and evidence-based approach that boosts literacy with engaging home reading experiences.

Independent Reading Practice - Kids Read Now

Expanded help and support for home and school collaboration

Optimized summer reading support for parents and caregivers

  • Enhanced, jumbo-sized bilingual Parent Postcard to send before summer to verify addresses and jumpstart caregiver support and parent involvement. Keep it on the fridge to track your progress!
  • Extended hours of M-F caregiver support: 8:00am – 7:00pm EST every weekday during summer 2024 our team will be ready to assist you!
  • Chat, text, and app messaging is in place for motivation, “nudging” reminders to report books, and tips about summer reading.

Optimized school support for spring 2024 and beyond

“The scheduled mailed books and ease of reporting them could not be any more convenient. It kept my child engaged, excited for the next delivery, and motivated to check off another book to reach her goal.”

– Jeannie, Parent, Lee County, Florida

A nifty new tool for teachers

  • Every teacher receives a ThumbThing™ — a unique device that makes it easier to hold read-aloud books up and open. It’s a small token of our appreciation for the educators who help support students and families throughout the Kids Read Now program.
ThumbThing TM - Kids Read Now Summer 2024

With summer 2024 on the horizon, data-driven optimizations make this year the best yet

Kids Read Now’s 2024 enhancements aren’t just about tweaking a program; they’re about fine-tuning a student-centered process that works.

With bigger and better book selections that increase student choice, more motivation for independent reading, and streamlined processes that promote reading comprehension, we ensure that everyone gets the full value of our program.

Plus, we’re there to support you every step of the way.

We consistently seek feedback from schools, teachers, and families about our processes and literary materials. Further, everything we do is grounded in current research, like the Science of Reading.

All of this highly-valued information plays a role in ongoing improvements.

Let’s take on summer 2024 together, and make this the year we rewrite the story of student success.

Question: What kind of support do parents receive as part of the Kids Read Now program?

Answer: Parents receive coaching tailored to each book in order to support their child’s reading comprehension. They’re encouraged to track their child’s progress through the Kids Read Now app or by texting. What’s more, support is now available at extended hours Monday through Friday.

Question: How does Kids Read Now motivate students to read independently over the summer?

Answer: Kids Read Now motivates students with posters in their schools’ hallways, silicone wrist bands upon book selection, prizes for reading all eight books — including the Kids Read Now Reading Buddy bookworm — and personalized certificates. As part of the program, each students gets to keep all their books for free!

Question: How has Kids Read Now improved administration and logistics for the program?

Answer: For summer 2024, Kids Read Now implemented better home address and postal verification to improve deliverability. Also, Kids Read Now works with the post office to forward undeliverable books to that student’s school, so the school can get books to specific students from there. This means more students receive their books more quickly, and ensures every school and family receives the full value of the program.

Question: What improvements has Kids Read Now made to the book selection in 2024?

Answer: In 2024, Kids Read Now added 73 books to their Wish List of almost 200 titles, expanded its bilingual book collection with 24 new titles, and introduced a larger, sturdier version of the MyStories creative writing book with the new theme of “Space and Creatures.”

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