How Kids Read Now Builds a Love for Reading – for Parents

Kids Read Now is designed to build a love for reading in kids from preschool through fifth grade.


I had to get my GED because I dropped out, you know. I wasn’t much of a reader, so that kind of made school rough. So when I found a way I could help my baby read better, I was all about that.

Kids Read Now is a unique in home reading program designed to build a love for reading in kids from preschool through fifth grade.
Kids Read Now sends enrolled students up to eight books. They get to pick the books for themselves from our wide ranging wish list of titles. And the books are theirs for keeps –– and free to your family.

With help from their teachers, students are encouraged to pick books geared to their reading level. And it’s easy to find just the right books. Kids Read Now designed the wish list to guide teachers and students to books that they will be able to read on their own.

Kids will also get an extra book to help them develop their own imagination. The My Stories book has 20 exciting and interesting drawings with space to write or talk about the story they imagine unfolding in the pictures. Plus guidance for parents on story writing, which builds reading skills.

My son loved choosing his books. There were a lot of them about sports and science, which he totally loves. He’s been reading all summer.

When kids choose the books they’re interested in they want to read more. Studies show that kids are three times more likely to read a book they’ve chosen rather than a book that everyone gets in class.
And more reading equals more success. After kids choose their books, we send a welcome postcard to every family just to make sure that we have the right mailing address. If you’ve got it and snapped the QR code to verify your info, thank you! In case you missed the postcard, you can also verify your mailing information on our website. This is important because we want to make sure we’re sending the books to the right summer address.

Often, the first books are given out at a family reading event. A fun way to get the summer started.

If you didn’t attend a family reading event at your school, teachers will either send home the first few books, or those and others will soon arrive in the mail.
Then, about every week or so, a new book arrives in the mail, addressed to your child. The mailing label has special tips for parents, so make sure you help them unwrap the books.

He was so excited to read every time he got a new book in the mail. They’re addressed to him. They’ve got his name on them. They’re his books. And more than once I caught him reading under the covers after bedtime.

Your involvement as a parent or guardian is important, but don’t worry. It’s fun and easy with a few simple steps. Just open the book. On the inside cover, you’ll find what we call a Discovery Sheet. The Discovery Sheet has fun questions and activities specific to each book. Read through these with your child. While fun, they also help students think about what they’ve read and how it relates to the world at large. At the same time, they build reading skills and comprehension. Then all you do is report reading the books. Easy. You’ll get friendly reminders from Kids Read Now, prompting you to text your child’s progress, which is simple and fast.

Use the free smartphone app. It makes it even easier. Just snap the QR code on the book’s inside cover to get the app. And when you report your books, your child is eligible for… PRIZES!!


We love looking at the discovery sheet together. It’s good family time, and it’s definitely building her reading skills. It’s cool because we really connect, you know? I didn’t know how to help her before, with reading and stuff. This makes it easy. It helps me know how to help her. I love all of this.


Take advantage this summer and give your kids the reading boost they deserve. Help them become successful readers. Welcome to the magic of Kids Read Now.

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