“It gives parents who usually don’t have the means to buy books a chance to give their children a chance to read.”

Heather, 2nd Grade Parent, Black River Elementary

“Great program! Kids loved getting new books all the time and reading! Helped save us some money while keeping the kids reading through the pandemic and summer!”

Kelsey, 3rd Grade Parent, Aurora Heights, Iowa

“Students love receiving books and it is a great way to encourage reading.”

Nicole T., K-5 Teacher

“This program is/was amazing! Both of my kids loved picking out their own books and receiving them in the mail! The customer service was also amazing — quick and friendly! Thank you for partnering with our school!”

Angie, 3rd Grade Parent, Branch Independent School District, Michigan

“I love this program!! My son looks forward to checking the mail and looking for his new book!! Reading is so important and families might not have money to spend on new books. With this program they get to keep the book and enjoy it over and over!!”

Steph, 2nd Grade Parent, Brighton Area Schools, Michigan

“This a wonderful program and I hope we can use it again!!!”

Kaye N., K-5 Teacher, Virginia

“It was a wonderful program that kept my kids engaged all summer long.”

Alesha, 3rd Grade Parent, Aurora Heights, Iowa


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