By Dr. Andrew Johnson

November 19, 2021

Teaching Critical Thinking Skills – Using Thinking Skills in Reading

Check out this webinar, Teaching Critical Thinking Skills – Using Thinking Skills in Reading, where Dr. Andrew Johnson examines how critical and creative thinking skills enhance learning. By the end of the webinar, you will: Understand what a thinking skill is Understand the difference between critical thinking and creative thinking Know how to teach thinking […]

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By KRN Admin

November 12, 2021

Kids Read Now projects 7 million books delivered by 2024

Kids Read Now started as a small, local nonprofit organization and has rapidly grown into an impressive leader in the fight against K-5 learning loss. Most students, particularly those from lower income families, experience steep reading skill loss over the summer break. Creating home libraries and engaging parents are key ways to accelerating summer learning […]

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By Dr. Andrew Johnson

November 5, 2021

How to Teach Writing

Are you looking for an effective way to teach writing for students in kindergarten through graduate school using an easy 5-step process? Look no further! This recorded webinar, How to Teach Writing by Dr. Andy Johnson, can show you how easy writing can be when you follow the 5-step process.

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By Dr. Mechiel Rozas

October 29, 2021

Books, Bricks, and Politics

I recently caught up with a dear colleague. When I asked her what she saw as she worked closely with our teachers and teacher leaders, her immediate answer was “politics”.   The concept that everything is political started with Aristotle and is consistently restated today. Although I avoid them, I cannot deny that what I […]

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By Rachel Benedict

October 22, 2021

The Top 10 of 2021

The Kids Read Now 2021 summer reading program was our best reading program to date! We mailed over 690,000 books to over 77,000 students all over the country. That’s pretty awesome, right? Here are the top 10 books requested this year.   #10 – Stone Fox By: John Reynolds Gardiner Illustrated by Marcia Sewell Little […]

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By Dr. Kamshia Childs

October 15, 2021

Teaching Students to L.O.V.E. Literacy

Opportunities to sharpen our literacy skills are all around us. Unfortunately, due to a variety of reasons (lack of support/resources at home, irrelevant curriculum, etc.) students can often be disengaged with literacy learning early in life. Once that foundation is shaken, it is tough to rebuild and instill the skills, confidence, and attitude necessary to […]

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By Dr. Kamshia Childs

October 8, 2021

D.R.E.A.M. Literacy

A literacy environment should be cultivated by its curriculum.  Learning how to read and develop literacy skills is a process that will benefit a child their entire life.  It is the foundation for other subjects, and a manner in which students learn to communicate and learn about their world, near and far. The process to […]

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By Dr. Kamshia Childs

October 1, 2021

Creating A R.I.C.H. Literacy Environment

Most students either really love to read and find joy in growing and sharpening their literacy skills, or they feel the opposite. Their experience depends on two things- the instructional decisions made and the environment in which they learn.  Educators are often told to create a “literacy rich” or “print rich” classroom setting, but what […]

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By Dr. LaTonya Sibley

September 23, 2021

PenPals: Handwritten Letters to Support the Whole Child

When was the last time you wrote or received a handwritten letter? For thousands of years, handwritten letters have played a critical part in our lives. In this age of digital communication, handwritten letters are becoming a lost art. Emails and text messages can be sent instantly; however, the impact of a good old-fashioned handwritten […]

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By Andrea Weigand

August 27, 2021

Finding the Hook

It’s all about the hook. Find what is inspiring to the youth and you find the hook into reading. Take baby steps even if needed. Not interested in reading a book? Start with a graphic novel. Even the old school Baby Sitters Club books are coming back with a vengeance in graphic novel form! Boys! […]

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