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Kids Read Now supports post-pandemic social emotional recovery

The past few years have been traumatic on our kids and their families. Many have suffered steep declines in reading and math scores; compounded with the see-saw effect of remote/hybrid/in-person learning, masking, distancing and more. This left kids wondering what was next and what or where will ‘today’ be like’

In too many families, Covid took away a loved one, leaving kids with more trepidation of these and related unknowns. In other cases, parents’ emotions, jobs and schedules were at best, topsy-turvy; at worst stretching the family bounds.

Young children crave and need structure and consistency. When that falls away, they can, often do get anxious, emotional, upset, angry and fearful. This affects their ability to learn, and thrive.

Books can help.

Over half of the books in our wish list have been flagged by counselors and our literacy team as having clear and calming social emotional themes, messages, or story lines. These help children realize that their issues and problems are not unique or unbearable. That there is hope and joy to be found. Building clear messages: protagonists in these books rise to the occasion, and so can you.

Now, when students self-select the books they will love to read, and are at their comfortable reading level, teachers, who almost always can detect these emotional issues; can help guide children to the SEL icon that appears next to each book. Choosing books with great stories AND uplifting themes and messages of stability, heroism, overcoming adversity, love, loyalty and friendship will help our students and families emotionally build back better after Covid.

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