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2022 summer program is wrapping up!

Our Kids Read Now 2022 summer program is now in its final weeks. Our fulfillment center processed over 17,000 books a day for shipment to over 82,000 kids in 38 states across the country! This means that we have shipped over 800,000 books already this summer!

Our warehouse was wall to wall books as we began shipping books June 1st. Over 400,000 books were staged and prepped ready to be shipped to students.

We continually received books throughout May, June, and July to replenish books to ensure every student receives their 8 books plus a writing book called “My Stories” before they start school again at the end of August.

We implemented a new digital postal program to ensure kids that move or have a bad address in the system can be corrected within a day, allowing our team to reship a book within a few days to those children.

Over the next few weeks, we will ship all the remaining books to all the children in our program and help them gear up for Fall Celebrations to celebrate their students’ reading successes.

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