Get the Breakthrough You Need To Close PK-5 Reading Gaps!

Kids who read more outside of school progress faster.
Get the proven elementary program that gets kids to read more books outside of school time, all year long – particularly over the summer months.

Award Winning Evidence Based K-5 Reading Program - Kids Read Now


Turnkey Low Staff Effort - Close PK-5 Gaps - Kids Read Now


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We Get Kids Reading Books Year-Round

Close your elementary school reading gaps over Summer, Fall, or Winter with our in-home book reading programs. Give your literacy the boost it needs to build and keep reading proficiencies growing. You teach them how to read; we keep them reading outside of school time.

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To Students
Claire Kliss - Curriculum Director, Covert PS - Kids Read Now

“We have a high-poverty district. But reading levels for every student who received books either stayed the same or went up!”

Claire Kliss

Covert Public Schools, Principal

Pinellas County Schools & Kids Read Now
Stafford County PUblic Schools & Kids Read Now
Wicomico County Public Schools & Kids Read Now
Northridge Local Schools & Kids Read Now
Delta County School District 50 & Kids Read Now
Bloomfield Hills Schools Logo & Kids Read Now

Library of Congress Literacy Award Winner.

We have been recognized for implementing highly successful practices in literacy promotion, including Innovation, Sustainability, Replicable Results, Measurable Results, and Evidence-Based Practices.

Schools that use the Kids Read Now in-home, independent reading program know why it is so successful at reducing reading gaps, particularly the summer reading slide.

Library of Congress Literacy Award Winner - Kids Read Now

Unlock Literacy Progress with Home Reading Success

See how more reading at home increases literacy progress. Explore our innovative and evidence-based approach that boosts literacy with engaging home reading experiences.

Independent Reading Practice - Kids Read Now

Dr. Geoffrey D. Borman - Kids Read Now
Geoffrey D. Borman, Ph.D.

Kids Read Now can more than eradicate the entire two months of summer learning loss experienced by low-income students.

Dr. Borman is a leading education researcher with a focus on educational outcomes, education policy, and education inequality. He led research into the effects of Kids Read Now. The summary conclusion of his study states:

“When students and parents take advantage of the full complement of 9 books delivered by Kids Read Now, the results are…equivalent to approximately 2.5 months of learning, or nearly 28% of the learning that takes place over a typical school year.” In short, “Kids Read Now can more than eradicate the entire two months of summer learning loss experienced by low-income students.”

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