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Do you have your parents’ support and engagement?

Are your parents aware of their children’s true progress? According to an article in EdWeek, 92 percent of parents believe their children are at grade level and doing just fine in the classroom, despite the widespread evidence that most students are struggling. Could it be that they would willingly and collaboratively engage with you in …

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Literacy Acceleration Playbook

Win. Excel. Beat a personal best. These are the mindsets of athletes. Even those who are not athletes know that in order to meet goals such as winning or surpassing a personal record one must practice, put in hard work, train, learn technique, and take feedback to help refine performance. In addition to the aforementioned …

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Laura Bemis, Asst Superintendent Greenville City Schools - Kids Read Now

Remembering Laura Bemus

Laura Lou Bemus was not just a terrific educator, but an amazing sharing and giving person. Her kids and ours grew up together, so we saw through more than 3 decades how this unique individual handled herself, her beliefs, her drive and always, always- building on her self-eternalized vision of how to make family life, …

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Still SO Much to Do: Fixing the Literacy Issue in America’s Schools

The Current Situation Did you know that more than 65% of kids across the country are not reading at grade level, and the number jumps to 80% for low income students? Kids Read Now’s mission of eliminating learning loss and building home libraries for every PreK-5 student in the country is more important and pressing …

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Essentials for Inclusivity

If inclusion initiatives increase productivity and innovation in business, imagine how they could do the same for your classroom/institution. If inclusion initiatives increase employee satisfaction and retention in business, imagine how they could increase the attention and literacy of students.   Tony Dungy, first Black NFL coach to win a Super Bowl says, “Inclusion initiatives …

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