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When given a choice, students select majority of books outside their grade level.

“Few things leave a deeper mark on the reader, than the first book that finds its way to his heart.” – Carlos Ruiz Zafon Kids Read Now (KRN) uses many techniques and methods to reverse the summer reading slide. Crucially, unlike most summer reading programs and based on professional research, children need to select their …

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Illiteracy Drags Everyone Down

As we continue to raise a generation of children with poor reading skills, where just 34% are proficient readers, we need to recognize the ramifications on society. Certainly, the dramatic rise in digital recreation, where the average tween (9-12 years old) spends 6 hours a DAY on screens, growing to 7.5 for teenagers—8+ for low-income …

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Writing is Reading in Reverse

Elementary teachers, reading specialists and literacy coaches all know that to be a good writer, children must also be good readers. They need to understand a plot, the characters, and sequencing and understand the vocabulary that moves a plot forward, explain the actions and motives of a character, and comprehend the changes that take place …

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State Legislators Can Help

Third party organizations have recognized the value of our program—in particular, firms that help state legislators understand issues and see model solutions that can be supported with bi-partisan bills that move literacy forward for summer literacy programs for elementary students. Based on a successful program we deployed in Michigan, where the state matched school funding …

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NAEP The Nation’s Report Card: Did Every Student Get an F?

More kids are further behind than ever.  The NAEP (National Assessment of Educational Progress) is considered the “Nation’s Report Card” on reading and math, and this fall, the report card for America’s 4th graders is basically an F. Post-pandemic—where many children were forced into remote learning situations and low-income students had challenges with technology and internet …

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Kids Read Now supports post-pandemic social emotional recovery

The past few years have been traumatic on our kids and their families. Many have suffered steep declines in reading and math scores; compounded with the see-saw effect of remote/hybrid/in-person learning, masking, distancing and more. This left kids wondering what was next and what or where will ‘today’ be like’ In too many families, Covid …

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Addressing the Summer Slide

In 2012, my wife Barb and I were commiserating about the state of reading in the country—specifically what she, a 4th grade teacher, called ‘the dreaded summer slide’. Far too many kids, particularly from families that struggle, head back into class every fall, with less opportunity than their peers. They are not as engaged. They …

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Little boy reading in the park; how to get more books to build bigger libraries

7 Ways to Get More Books

How to get more books and build bigger libraries for your young readers Parents always ask how they can expand the Kids Read Now summer reading program into the rest of the year. Here are seven great ways to get more free or almost free books. This will keep your children building their reading skills …

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