Discover the Efficacy of the Kids Read Now Summer Program

Kids Read Now recently participated in a research study on the efficacy of our program. The results: statistically significant improvements in reading comprehension, two years in a row.

Join parents and educators

across the country in learning more about how the Kids Read Now Program positively impacts student reading levels; and how this study confirms the program’s repeatable success.

“My daughter is learning to read because of this program. It's an excellent program!”

Carroll County Schools

Kindergarten Parent

" Our results indicate that the impact of KRN can more than eradicate the entire 2 months of summer learning loss experienced by low-income students. "

Geoffrey D. Borman

Director, Interdisciplinary Training Program in the Education Sciences,
Wisconsin Center for Education Research (WCER) University of Wisconsin-Madison

Repeated results 2 years in a row

This research is an integral part of our programs’ continuous success. Each year we conduct a study to discover areas for improvement, including new innovative ways to engage parents and children across the country, so that Kids Read Now can work better for both you and your kids.

  • Proven 98% effective as attending summer
    school – at 3% of the cost
  • Equivalent to approximately 2.5 months
    of learning
  • We are ESSA Tier 2 Equivalent
  • Gives your students the power to fulfill their
    dreams…and yours

Get The Proof Positive

The study replicated our findings for 2 years in a row.
Read the full 2018 report to learn more about how Kids Read Now can help eradicate the summer reading slide, and give your kids the power to fulfill dreams.

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the hands of kids coast to coast.

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