How will my students know to report their books?

Each KRN book comes with a unique book code located on the front, inside cover of every book we send. We have several different ways for families to easily report their books. Here’s how:

When will my students get their books?

Your students will receive their first book at the Family Reading Event in the spring. Their remaining books will arrive automatically to their mailbox. We typically mail one book each week. Books may take 10-15 business days to arrive (2-3 weeks).

What is a Family Reading Event?

The Family Reading Event is a fun and exciting event that your school can put together to help inform your parents what the Kids Read Now program is. Most school pair the Family Reading Event with a spring assembly, ice cream social, or other community event for the school. It instructs your parents on how …

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How can I update my information?

You and your student’s information were supplied to us by the school. If the information the school gave us is out of date or needs to be updated let us know! You can update your contact information on the app. Log into the app, click “contact info”, and update as needed. Alternatively, you can contact …

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