1. Enrollment Made Easy

Export and Upload

KRN uses FERPA-compliant contact information provided by the school to send books to students and communicate about the program. Parents tell us how they want to be reached (call, text, email) and their language preference.

2. Kids Choose Their Books

Online or Offline

<<Wish List>>

Studies show that kids are more likely to finish reading books that they’ve chosen for themselves. Our program offers 100+ specially selected titles covering many topics and reading levels. Using the Wish List, teachers help their students make their book selections and we take it from there!

3. The Kickoff

<<Sample Kickoff Video>>

Onsite or Online

<<FRE Planning Guide cover graphic>>

A Family Reading Event is the best way to kick off your program. It is designed to familiarize families with program details, energize them about summer reading, and heighten parent engagement. Schools are provided tools to help promote and host an event at school or online.

<<online FRE video screen with play triangle>>

4. Read. Report. Repeat.

<<Sample Parent Message (text)>>

5. Celebrate and Evaluate

<<Sample Data Summary>>

6. Tell Me More!

<<graphic of collateral covers>>

<< section – for deeper dive into green bag support docs, etc.>>