We are constantly pivoting in response to changing needs— fine-tuning our program with the best new books and tools to benefit not only the kids, but those who are tasked with leading them into literacy. We are a learning organization, and it’s this dedication to continuous improvement that allows us the privilege of almost 90% renewals with our districts each year. They see their numbers improve and their students develop a love of books… and that fuels us.

Calendarization of Kids Read Now Summer Program

Our programs are customizable and individualized for every student.

We’re not like other reading programs… we’re so much more:

  • Book Selection gives kids choice
  • Reading Levels optimize learning
  • Relevant Titles including 80+ SEL titles for a changing world 
  • Multi-Ethnic/Multi-Cultural Offerings let kids see themselves in their readings
  • Parent Data provides insight on engagement and results

Different programs available to suit your needs:

  • Book Bridge (Fall & Winter sessions)
  • Comprehensive (Summer)
  • Book Bridge/Comprehensive (year round)