“Students love receiving books and it is a great way to encourage reading.”

Nicole T., K-5 Teacher

“This a wonderful program and I hope we can use it again!!!”

Kaye N., K-5 Teacher, Virginia

“This program is so easy to use and is an awesome way to get books in kids' hands!”

Audrey U., K-5 Classroom Teacher, Michigan

“Awesome program! Great way to get books in kids' hands.”

Jean P., K-5 Teacher, Virginia

“Great books and very helpful staff! Super way for kids to read all summer!”

Brenda E., K-5 Classroom Teacher

“The kids love getting the books throughout the summer, and come in the following school year talking about all the awesome books that they got. I can tell it definitely encourages the kids to read.”

K-5 Classroom Teacher, Troy City Schools, Ohio

“Kids Read Now is a great program giving resources to students in an easy and accessible way!”

Erin L., K-5 Classroom Teacher, Michigan


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