“I feel that it helps the child excel and helps a family connect and that is wonderful.”

Brenda, 2nd Grade Parent, Battle Creek Public

“Our students love the selection of books and getting a new book in the mail.”

Candy V., K-5 Teacher, Michigan

“As a parent and teacher that has been using Kids Read Now for several years, I am so excited by the results!”

Malane B., K-5 Classroom Teacher, K-5 Parent, Ohio

“The program is an excellent way to get grade/interest level material into students' hands at home.”

Title I Teacher, Mineral County Schools, West Virginia

“My son looked forward to books in the mail and enjoyed reading them. For families that don’t have a ton of books around the house and are unable to frequent the library, it gave them more books to read.”

Megan, 1st Grade Parent, Brighton Area Schools, Michigan

“Support provided by Kids Read Now program has been outstanding!”

Kimberly G., School District Administrator

“These books really helped my daughter learn to read better. She enjoyed every single one of them.”

Ashlee, Kindergarten Parent


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