“Families loved the engagement and excitement students felt over the summer months when a new book arrived. Educators loved the fact that we were getting books in our students' hands over the summer months, helping to decrease the summer slide.”

Principal, Holly Area Schools, Michigan

“My son was excited to read every time he received a new book in the mail. There was a huge selection of high interest, high quality books. He loved that he got to choose the books.”

Holly, 3rd Grade Parent, Carroll County, Kentucky

“A wonderful and easy program that motivates our young readers. I am so excited to take part as a teacher for the second year and as a parent for the first year!”

Elizabeth V., K-5 Classroom Teacher, Michigan

“My daughter was so excited to get mail, and that her mail was a book that she would reread until the next one came. She likes books in general, but the Kids Read Now books are her favorites.”

1st Grade Parent, Ansonia

“The kids really enjoy getting the books over the summer. Some of them don't have any books at home, so it really makes a difference!”

K-5 Classroom Teacher, River Valley School District, Michigan

“Kids Read Now is a good program to purchase to help avoid the "summer slide" for early elementary students.”

Suzanne J., School District Administrator, Florida

“Literacy is so vital and this program helps inspire a love for reading and learning.”

Ell, 2nd Grade Parent, Black River Elementary


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