2022 K-5 Book Catalog Wish List for Schools - Kids Read Now

Kids Read Now “Wish List” Book Catalog

An expertly curated book catalog of 150+ children’s literature titles spanning grades K-5 including Fiction/Nonfiction books, including SEL books, Bilingual books, Series books, Multiethnic books, Award winners, Read-to-me, and Student favorites.

Getting Started Parent Guide 2022 - Kids Read Now

Getting Started Parent Guide 2022 – Kids Read Now

Whether it’s reading tips, discovery activities, or how to use the parent portal to see your child’s progress, you will learn about each part of the Kids Read Now reading program inside this one convenient download.

Grade-Specific Reading Tips for Parents

Get this informative and easy-to-use resource for parents. This resource will quickly show parents the skill level of reading that is expected for each grade level K-3 with tips for how to help their child improve.

Discovery Sheet Sample: Content Connection Questions - Kids Read Now

K-5 Content Connections – Discovery Sheet Sample

This sample Discovery Sheet shows how easy it is for families to report their child having read the book, and to access that book’s specific Discovery Sheet online in the language of their choice. A sheet like this one will be affixed on the inside cover of each book.

4 easy ways to report your child read their book - Kids Read Now

Report A Book – 4 Easy Ways

There are 4 easy ways to report your books: call, text, visit the online parent portal, or download and use our multilingual smartphone app!

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