Critical Thinking

Literacy Acceleration Playbook

Win. Excel. Beat a personal best. These are the mindsets of athletes. Even those who are not athletes know that in order to meet goals such as winning or surpassing a personal record one must practice, put in hard work, train, learn technique, and take feedback to help refine performance. In addition to the aforementioned …

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The team at Learn-to-Learn has over 40 years of experience in coaching, educating, and supporting others to become better learners. Their passion is to freely support fellow humans in discovering and expressing their best qualities to the highest degree. If you believe that learning is at the root of all growth and all varieties of …

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Embracing Nonfiction

At first glance nonfiction books can seem intimidating – facts, numbers, research, real-world stuff, EEK! – but nonfiction doesn’t have to be intimidating or overwhelming. In fact, it can be quite fun with several benefits that kids may not even realize they’re gaining! Embracing nonfiction is one of the best things any kid can do. …

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Teaching Critical Thinking Skills – Using Thinking Skills in Reading

Check out this webinar, Teaching Critical Thinking Skills – Using Thinking Skills in Reading, where Dr. Andrew Johnson examines how critical and creative thinking skills enhance learning. By the end of the webinar, you will: Understand what a thinking skill is Understand the difference between critical thinking and creative thinking Know how to teach thinking …

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Creating A R.I.C.H. Literacy Environment

Most students either really love to read and find joy in growing and sharpening their literacy skills, or they feel the opposite. Their experience depends on two things- the instructional decisions made and the environment in which they learn.  Educators are often told to create a “literacy rich” or “print rich” classroom setting, but what …

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