NAEP The Nation’s Report Card: Did Every Student Get an F?

More kids are further behind than ever.  The NAEP (National Assessment of Educational Progress) is considered the “Nation’s Report Card” on reading and math, and this fall, the report card for America’s 4th graders is basically an F. Post-pandemic—where many children were forced into remote learning situations and low-income students had challenges with technology and internet …

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Literacy Acceleration Playbook

Win. Excel. Beat a personal best. These are the mindsets of athletes. Even those who are not athletes know that in order to meet goals such as winning or surpassing a personal record one must practice, put in hard work, train, learn technique, and take feedback to help refine performance. In addition to the aforementioned …

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The Secret Strength of Universal Design for Learning (UDL)

There’s this widgetsmith on the opening screen of my iPhone that reads, “As long as we’re creating it’s not too late to change our story.” People’s stories motivate and inspire but they also connect us, help us grow. Throughout my years of being an educator, tucking in beside my fellow professionals, really hearing their journey, …

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Embracing Nonfiction

At first glance nonfiction books can seem intimidating – facts, numbers, research, real-world stuff, EEK! – but nonfiction doesn’t have to intimidating or overwhelming. In fact, it can be quite fun with several benefits that kids may not even realize they’re gaining! Embracing nonfiction is one of the best things any kid can do. Here …

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Books, Bricks, and Politics

I recently caught up with a dear colleague. When I asked her what she saw as she worked closely with our teachers and teacher leaders, her immediate answer was “politics”.   The concept that everything is political started with Aristotle and is consistently restated today. Although I avoid them, I cannot deny that what I …

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D.R.E.A.M. Literacy

A literacy environment should be cultivated by its curriculum.  Learning how to read and develop literacy skills is a process that will benefit a child their entire life.  It is the foundation for other subjects, and a manner in which students learn to communicate and learn about their world, near and far. The process to …

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